A few words
about our farm

What are we striving for?

Building the Future of Agriculture

We are striving to contribute, even if in a small way, to the construction of the future agricultural world.

We aim to support the development of self-sustaining communities, where individuals can meet their own needs. We believe that producing or consuming in excess leads to problems.

Empowering Self-Sustaining Communities

We encourage communities to be more environmentally conscious, and we advocate for them to engage with the world around them by creating something for the environment. That is why we develop technologies that enable agricultural production.

Embracing Nature's Creativity

While self-awareness plays a role in understanding one's needs, we hope that by observing the creativity of nature, we can recognize the progress within ourselves. Watching a mushroom wrap its mycelium around the compost day by day as it grows for weeks, and then witnessing its adaptation and maturity in the external world at an unexpected speed based on the direction you provide, demonstrates the importance of patience.

The Culmination of Patience and Respect

To delicately pluck a mushroom you have carefully cultivated from its compost after several days and allow it to gracefully merge with other vegetables or simply with spices, while respecting its existence and complementing it with a beautiful recipe. Taking the first bite and experiencing the culmination of a day's work, the wonders of the mushroom world, and the profound ease that advanced technology brings to our lives... it is truly priceless.

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